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Case Study 01: 

We were assigned to run PPC on a product that was in a highly competitive niche and the ACoS of neither campaign was lower than 30%. We changed the campaign strategy as per our Market Research and were able to bring the ACoS around 9% only. The TACoS of this product was 4% only.

Case Study 02:

We were assigned to Rank the Product via PPC only with the targeted ACoS of 30% only. The product was good with high in demand and medium in competition and with our consistent efforts of 3 months, the Product was Ranked on the first page with an ACoS of 11.46 % only. The TACoS of this product was only 6%.

Case Study 03: 

We managed the PPC Management and Optimization of a six-figure account for more than 2 years. New products kept been adding to the Account but with our strategic approach, we were able to keep the ACoS consistent to around 18%. The TACoS of this Account was 8% only.