Everything You Need to Know for a Compelling SalesCopy

A compelling sales copy is not merely a description that lets the customer know about the features and benefits of the product but there is a need to put a connection in that sales copy that points towards the unique feature and links the customer’s need to the solution you are offering.

The solution might be that your product is solving a problem for example if you are selling a power bank, you are saving the people from getting their mobile battery dead OR your product might be saving time and money, which very much attracts the customer.


Let’s dive a little deeper and be more specific as we are going to stick to Amazon while discussing product listing creation or sales copy of your product. Before discussing the individual parameters, we need to know what an Amazon listing consists of.

Amazon product listing consists of a title telling the customer what your product is, 5 bullet points and a description that may include EBC (Enhanced Brand Content, also known as A+ Content), which includes keywords that are highly relevant to your product. 

Now let’s have a deep dive and discuss the individual parameters, how they are written, what is their significance and what is the right strategy.

TITLE of product :

Title of product, as most of us know, is the heading that actually lets the customer know that what the product is. As far as Title is concerned, it is the most important and critical part of the listing as the keywords in the title hold more importance than anywhere else in your product’s sales copy.

It is to be kept in mind that only first 77 characters of the title are shown on the mobile therefore all the necessary information relevant to your product MUST come in this character limit to have a higher chance of attracting customer.


Amazon picks random words from your title and makes a URL that can lead the customer to your product and can help you increase your visibility on google.

This visibility can be enhanced greatly if you make your title CANONICAL and tell Amazon to choose those exact keywords that the customer is typing so that the customer lands in your store, which ultimately increases your visibility on google search results as well as amazon.


Bullet points hold great importance when it comes to highlighting the distinct or unique features while writing a compelling product listing, as this is the area where you are going to convince the customer to have your product bought instead of your competitor. Please bear in mind that you have to stay positive while writing a sales copy even if you are trying to highlight a distinct feature that your competitor is NOT offering, hence avoid using NO, NOT, DO NOT, DOES NOT words in your listing, though it be title, bullets, or description.

There is a sequence that should be followed while writing an effective product listing, for instance, those features that people are searching for and prefer the most, should be highlighted in earlier bullet points. So here is a GENERAL sequence of bullets that can lead you to come up with an exquisite product listing.

  • Bullet Number 1 : First Impression is the last impression. First bullet should be written excellent as this can make customer to stay longer on your listing and can even convert the viewer into a buyer.


  • Bullet Number 2 : This bullet should support the bullet number 1 and should let the customer know that our product offers a solution to the above-mentioned problem. Therefore, your second bullet should be linking a feature with the benefit and completing the first bullet


  • Bullet Number 3 and 4 should also come up with the features that the customers are looking for and to find what a customer is looking for, you need to have a thorough analysis of reviews.


  • Bullet Number 5 is the closing bullet where you can put guarantee/warranty, ingredient of any eatable, directions to use or if your product is of such a category that offers none of these points then you can have another feature highlighted in this last bullet.



Having 2000 characters for the description we have to write a description that convinces your customer to buy your product. The best practice is to divide the whole description into 3 parts,

  1. A paragraph discussing the feature in more detail and emphasising on the unique features (try to keep a character length of 400)
  1. Another paragraph further explaining the benefits that the customer is going to get (try to keep a character length of 400)
  1. Lastly, repeat the summary of features and benefits in points or making bullets. This last step is basically a repetition of what you have already written, then why are we writing it again? It is because when a customer uses mobile for shopping on Amazon, the description is shown on the top and then comes the bullet points therefore a better practice is to highlight the features in the description again so that the customer doesn’t miss out the details.