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One Significantly CRUCIAL Factor that Prevents us from Sharing Current Projects’ Samples with You

We are contacted daily by tons of wealthy clients for a sneak peek of the work that makes us successful as proof, but we ALWAYS refuse. Why is that? Being Amazon sellers ourselves, we truly understand the time, capital and energy of going into this business.

The last thing an entrepreneur in the amazon field needs to worry about is their precious information being leaked to their competitors, and that’s why we have ALWAYS DECLINED. So instead of sharing any confidential documentation, we will be sharing something equally worthy below as to what makes our work different from all the other Amazon Copywriters on this platform.


Increased sales with Canonical URL title – 5 Bullets that target pain points and buying trends of the niche audience, Get cost-free organic traffic from Super Relevant Golden keywords in the description and Back end Search terms


Want a Positive unfair advantage over the competition? Being knowledgeable on the algorithm’s inner workings is genuinely a one-sided advantage that all our clients get to utilize to the fullest, compared to the rest of the sellers. So STOP burning through your finances to settle for MEDIOCRE results when you can earn so much more with a listing that actually converts

Why the perfect start matters on amazon? If your work is not TRULY optimized for Amazon and I mean TRULY and PROPERLY optimized, The A9 algorithm starts to penalize you incrementally and the effects are felt ONLY after a passage of time has passed. A significant chunk of our clients are entrepreneurs who come to us after burning through huge sums of money on advertising. Only to then realize the listing content was not engaging or optimized to begin with. That is EXACTLY what we help you avoid here

What is the Ultimate Secret to Exceptional copywriting? It’s not an ultimate secret by any means. Hell, it’s not even a secret at all but just a simple observation that amateurs and even good copywriters overlook. That simple observation is, “Focus on the benefits of your benefits.” One of the greatest advertising geniuses of our time David Ogilvy also understood this and was observed echoing the same sentiment, he said “Don’t try to sell people the steak, sell them the sizzle”

Why a masterful sales copy is only half the battle? Most copywriters are not well-versed in the inner workings of the A9 Amazon algorithm. In turn, they produce a sales copy that looks appealing to the human eye but absolutely horrendous to the algorithm. This can de-rank your products even faster, costing you in precious sales, money and time. That’s why our copywriters are SEO experts who also sell on amazon themselves and know all about the nitty and gritty of ranking on top keywords

Why should you choose us? From our own journey on Amazon, we have mastered the ways to dig out valuable information on your niche audience for what they like? What they don’t like? What they hate and what they absolutely can’t live without. We always go above and beyond in researching and collecting information to choose the best words and approach which will help you rank faster, improve your organic sales, Increase BSR and in turn make you TONS of money


Why investing in competent listing content can save you from ruin

After all, you have probably spent a lot of money on inventory, paid professional photographers for images or hired PPC experts for in-depth selling strategies. So why skim and hire an amateur when you are laying the strongest foundation for your business?

The biggest sellers on amazon all collectively understand and agree that the one thing driving increased conversions, improving sales velocity, improving organic ranking and reducing ACOS of your PPC campaigns is a wise investment in an engaging sales copy.

What benefits of our services can you enjoy?

  • More Sales and off Amazon traffic with Canonical URL Title
  • Bullets that target pain points of the audience motivating them to click and buy
  • Extensive Niche Audience Research conducted to extract valuable information
  • A thorough analysis of top competitors to dig out the Money Maker keywords
  • SEO optimized Back end search terms to get free organic traffic
  • A well-versed description which compels the audience to click ADD TO CART right away


Who Are We? 

We are a team of SEO Experts and Professional copywriters who are also AMAZON SELLERS THEMSELVES. A dynamic online marketplace like Amazon is constantly changing. People who are not actively selling on the platform are always out of the loop on the sophisticated algorithmic updates which directly affect your sales. That’s why WE succeed where others fail. We are always in the know-how about the complex nuances, optimization techniques, and the dos and don’ts which are unique to amazon that constantly keeps changing at all times.