Amazon Product Launch



  • Product Research and Evaluation
  • Basic Patent Check (Professional Patent Check is still Recommended)  
  • Audience Concerns Study and Review Analysis to understand what Customers Concerns are regarding this product
  • Market Analysis to understand which design is selling best and what specifications should we choose for our product
  • Sourcing and Logistics (Negotiation with the Suppliers for better rates)
  • SEO Optimized Product Listing Writing
  • Listing Optimization (both back-end and front-end)

About listing, we need to clarify that we do not write the ordinary listing that everyone else does. We put much extra effort into writing the SEO-optimized listing (both front-end and back-end) to be ranked via PPC. Because if your listing is not optimized correctly, PPC will not be fruitful for you at all. Even if you somehow get ranked via giveaways, you will not be able to sustain your position, and in the end, you must go to some listing optimizer to do the same thing we do at the start. You can see our listing samples at 

  • Product Launching and Ranking
  • PPC Campaigns Setup
  • PPC Management
  • Account Handling

Launching Phases

I am mentioning below the usual timespan of each phase before product becomes live.


Parallel Tasks

Product Research – 1-2 Weeks


Product Sourcing – 1-1.5 Weeks

Audience Concerns Study and Review Analysis

Sample Shipping Evaluation – 1.5 Weeks

Price Point Analysis

Order Contract Finalization – 1 Week

Listing Writing

Inventory Manufacturing – 3-4 Weeks

Shipping Plans Creation

Inventory Inspection and Dispatching – 1 Week


Inventory Shipping – 4-5 Weeks

Launching Plan