Are you running an effective PPC and getting a good number of sales? Or maybe giveaways are getting you ranked in a good spot, but that’s just the amazon traffic you are selling your product to, and you might be skipping a good chance of boosting your sales by merely sticking to the amazon traffic!!

This blog is all about building your interest and giving you a concept of grabbing the traffic that you most probably have been missing out on. Thus, buckle up and stay intact! I will take you on tour to guide you about the steps that can have your sales increased.

Just to make a rough image in your mind regarding the customers that you are missing out on, let me tell you that almost 65 percent of the customers start searching directly on Amazon for the products they want, which constitutes almost 190 million people around the world. I won’t deny the fact that Amazon itself is a huge market to give you good output. But let’s stretch a little more and talk about the remaining 35 percent of the people who want your product but are not searching for it on Amazon.

Suppose you have 100 customers, and 65 of them buy on Amazon. Won’t it be more beneficial for you if you convert the rest 35 people to buy their desired product from your online Amazon store rather than buying from an online website?

This blog discusses the several ways which help you in converting those remaining 35 percent of people who don’t know that you are selling their desired product or that the same product is listed on amazon.



Yeah, you heard that right! Amazon absolutely loves to have that extra bit of outside traffic; therefore, it encourages you to share your product on the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram etc., and not only amazon enjoys getting outside traffic, but it also helps you climb up to a higher rank.


That’s the real question, where to begin with? Should I make a personal website, or should I start sharing my product on pages for better visibility? The answer is no, not right now. Your first step should be to optimize your SEO content. Yeah, I know this blog was going to talk about the tricks and tips that get you the outside traffic and not the amazon optimization; trust me, all those tips are yet to come in this blog, but this starting point is where most of the people get a setback at.

Let’s agree on this point that you need to have an optimized SEO, but why is that even important? The answer is that the better your listing is, the better is its visibility on Google!! You might have noticed quite often that while searching for products, Amazon results show up in the top search results of Google.

Google algorithm is actually after an exquisitely written listing, and the better the listing is, the more Google will like it and shows in the search results whenever a customer types a keyword that relates to your product. Not to keyword-stuff your listing but definitely your listing must have a wider umbrella of keywords that covers your product in every aspect so that you can have your product’s visibility greatly enhanced not only on Amazon but also on Google!!

Amazon always welcomes outside traffic. For example, you are selling headphones, and a personal search for it and comes to your listing from any of the social media platforms; for example, he clicks on your store on the google search results and lands in your online shop but doesn’t buy from you and keeps surfing until he finds the headphones he has been looking for. Now the customer hasn’t bought from you, but Amazon will recognize you as the person who brought the outside traffic and will give you a favor in terms of ranking.


Some of the widely known social media platforms for visibility of your products for customers are Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Personal Websites, Email Marketing, etc. Now it is important to understand that every product has a different market and, of course, a different category of people looking for it. Hence displaying those products on every social media site or platform may not do much good; For example, you are selling nuts and bolts, then obviously displaying them on Pinterest may not be very effective as it is a platform where people find some catchy and sight warming images hence your pair of nut bolt won’t attract much traffic.

On the contrary, if you are selling something that has a good outer appearance, such as a candle warmer, then Pinterest is the right place for you as it attracts the customer’s eye.

Moreover, you need to have your product advertised in more spots as usually there are really fewer chances of a viewer buying your product by just getting a first-time glimpse of your product. Therefore, you need to get the attention by advertising it more and making sure that a viewer sees it more than once, which greatly increases the level of interest and may lead the viewer to click your product and ultimately end up getting in your online store buying your product.


Building your website and linking your Amazon store to that website is the most effective way of getting the email list of your customer. Building an audience is one of the basic and the most crucial step in your online business thus you need to take this step very seriously. Emails will let you keep your customers updated about the latest discounts, coupons that you are offering on your products and surely keep them engaged with you.

Please bear in mind that if you are offering more than one product in your online store then don’t send a same email to all of your customers instead categorize your email list into different groups on the basis that which customer came to buy which product and hence you will have a record that which product you need to advertise to what group, and specific email should be sent to a specific group.



Keep your image quality high as poor-quality images are not just poor in quality but also poor in attracting traffic for you. Just remember first impression is your last impression and a person scrolling through the feed will not be reading the descriptions of every product, in fact he will be exploring the products based on how much compelling and premium quality his desired product’s images are.

Spend more effort on making creative content for your product, make high quality and creative videos for video advertisement. Coming up with some creative listing and product description highlighting all what is needed by the customer and make the customer feel that he needs to buy this product if he wants to add comfort in his life.

Don’t sound like you desperately want to sell your product therefore don’t try to emphasise more on telling the customer to buy your product, make your description and presentation with such perfection that the customer himself clicks the add-to-cart button!



Decent Facebook Posts is what you need to do while listing your product on Facebook. Keep your description precise and try to talk more using pictures and demonstrations using infographics and real-life photos. Don’t make too lengthy Facebook descriptions as the customer may lose interest.



Instagram is one of the most widely used platforms to get your product advertised either by having it displayed on your page if you have a fair number of followers or through influencer marketing and hiring some social media influencers to give your product a shout-out and advertise it for you. Make sure to select a social media influencer whose followers are interested in your niche, or you think that their followers will like the product that I am going to get advertised.

Also, you can have the Instagram story, which is displayed on the top of the Instagram page, to contain your website link and make the traffic diverted to your website using Instagram.

These were some of the tips and tricks to get outside traffic on your online store and increase your sales even more.