Product ranking was never made much easier as it is now as you have bundles and bundles of strategies that you can implement to have a fair ranking leading to generating more sales and making you brand to get recognition.

The areas that can be enhanced to have a faster and smooth ranking experience will be discussed in detail in this blog. All those strategies will be discussed that can take your product from level zero to enjoying a fair spot in its niche.


Before jumping on to the details we need to have a fair idea about the basic things that help you in the ranking process, hence we will start with the Amazon A9 Algorithm.

Amazon A9 Algorithm is an evolving algorithm that keeps on making “Unpredictable” changes and continuously keeps optimizing the strategies. Being quite a complex and advanced Algorithm Amazon offer the world best search bar services related to product which operates with matching different keywords in your  listing and showing your product accordingly on your niche.

Moreover, the first and the most important aspect of amazon that you need to know is that AMAZON CARES ABOUT THE CUSTOMER so if you are offering anything that the customer likes and is searching for on amazon, then surely amazon will promote your product and helps you grow your Business. Therefore, help Customers on Amazon means helping your own business to grow!!

Let’s dive a little deeper to discuss the parameters that help you increase your ORGANIC ranking.


We need to tell amazon that we are extremely relevant for the product that we are selling and also our product is what people are searching for. For that reason, we need to optimize all those areas that the amazon evaluates to see your relevance for that particular product. By optimizing those areas, we will not only tell amazon about our relevancy but also, we will start having positive reviews which will definitely help our customer to convince.

Some of key parameters that you need to focus for getting your product ranked are;

  1. Product Listing Optimization
  2. Keywords Research
  3. Product Pricing
  4. Product Advertisement



Images :

As per amazon recommendations regarding the images, you need to have a display picture (also called hero image) that attracts the customers to your product and should be of white background, clearly displaying what you are going to sell and what the customer is going to receive in a package. Making a high-quality image that can grab your customer will surely aid in ranking.


The most important parts of your listing are Title and Images, as a customer on the frontend sees these two things and later on the bullets are revealed to customer after they click on your product and reach to read out the details. A well knitted title is in the range of 130 to 160 characters containing brand name, material, number of units offered.

You have to display most of your product’s details in a minimal space in title and should cover an extremely unique feature along with brand name. Remember, title should make the customer feel that this is the product they were looking for!


Bullets and description should  be written in such a pattern as to create a need or make the customer think that you already know their problem and that you can help them solve it. (Refer to the Listing Blog for a detailed study on writing a listing).

The most important factor is to use the keywords that the customers will type in the search bar to reach to your product. Therefore, an extensive keyword research with an intent match method (estimating what the customer is typing) should be carried out.

Please bear in mind that you will be shown to the customer based on the relevant keywords that you have used in the listing and that’s how you get ranked organically on amazon.


An optimized listing is a by-product of detailed keyword research. The keywords should be placed with extreme accuracy and should be analysed where to put which keyword because the “keywords used” get your product ranked.

Each keyword placed in different part of your listing gets your product ranked with a different pace such as, the keywords in the title are the most important crucial ones that get indexed first and ranking in these keywords is faster, then comes the backend search terms that hold the most importance after title’s keywords, then bullets and then description (this sequence may vary for different niches, but this is general pattern followed)


The lower your pricing is the higher will be customer traffic you will be receiving which means you will be getting more organic sales leading to faster organic ranking. So, optimize your pricing and convert the maximum amount of traffic into your customer.


Advertising your product to let the people search it faster is the crucial step in increasing your rank. Setting the optimal bids in PPC will allow you to secure a safe spot in the first page which will be shown to the customers and let you have a better conversion rate. (Please refer to the PPC blog for a thorough understanding of it)

Please remember, your visibility  is the first and the most important step to grow your customers, as you need to make the people aware of your brand along with letting them know that you are offering a better product than your competitor.

This advertisement along with costing you a little amount, will also let you enjoy increased organic ranks.