All the businesses in the world, though it is online or a famous physical store, cannot deny the importance of getting your trademark registered timely. Trademark refers to any word, services name, product design, or logo that helps the people to distinguish your products, goods, or services from the rest in your niche or category.


Getting trademarked is a synonym for making your business secure and protecting it. Trademark marks all your services or products as your products or services which can not be replicated by any third party, making it safe and reliable for the business owner as well as preventing the customer from purchasing any fake goods or services from a third party who might try to use your name, keeping the consumer’s trust built in you.


Getting your trademark registered put you in a strong position and made you able to,

  • Cease a business that is using your registered name on their products or services
  • Take legal actions on infringements
  • Access to the court for demanding compensation for the loss you possibly face while getting fake items sold using your brand name
  • Build trust between the consumer and the company
  • Running your business securely without any interruptions



Although getting trademarked makes your business secure, but it is to be kept in mind that a trademark abandoned is of no use as the concerned legal authorities may find that the person has left his right to use the brand, and thus, your trademark can be made available for other companies to adopt.

Therefore, in the US, you need to fulfil some criteria that makes you able to stay the owner of your trademark, which includes post-trademark check and balance, where you need to provide evidence after every specific time interval that you have been using the registered trademark on your products and services.



As there are millions of products being sold on amazon by several sellers, getting brand registered on Amazon also has become quite an essential aspect of selling on it. As more and more traffic is getting in online business, therefore you need to have your product secured and protected so that no one sticks with it or makes you lose your brand. Thus, Amazon offers its Amazon Brand Registry service and benefits the user in terms of brand protection and brand support.

Brand Protection allows the online amazon sellers to identify their replicated products that are being sold on amazon.

Brand Support offers flexibility in terms of offering minimal effort in completing inquiries from the brand-owner’s end.  

To be eligible for the above-mentioned benefits, a brand owner needs to have a registered trademark in every marketplace that he is planning to start an online business in; also, Amazon accepts the brands with the pending trademark application.



Registration for a trademark has now been made pretty easy and can be done online within minutes!!

Before starting to register a trademark, don’t forget to check if it’s already registered or not for the same category of goods or services. Trademarks are territorial, which means that you need to file a trademark in every region where you are about to get your business settled, a trademark registered in the UK will not be valid in China. Therefore, remember that you have to get the brand registered separately in every marketplace where you are offering to sell your goods/products or services.

While applying for a trademark, you might be asked about the category of product or services for which your trademark will be used and the type of trademark you want to have (generic mark, descriptive mark, logo, phrase, name, etc.). After the submission of the application, it is analyzed by the concerned authorities, and feedback is provided. During this process, queries and criticism might be brought forward by the authorities, which have to be resolved, and thus the process proceeds towards getting your trademark registered, which can take up to 6 months, costing you around a thousand dollars.

Once you have applied for trademark registration, you will be granted a registration number based on which you can use for a brand registry. A brand registry can be done on Amazon based on ongoing trademark processing applications. Amazon allows you to have faster access to the brand registry for those products that have been listed on amazon and are active at the time of application. After a tenure of six months, your trademark is again checked if it has completed the registration process or not; till then if you are not able to have the trademark registered, amazon might remove all your products from the brand registry.



Trademarking is not just filling an application and submitting it online; it is more than just that and involves detailed work and minute details that should be considered; otherwise, it can result in the cancellation of your application. SO DON’T START THIS JOURNEY ALL ALONE; let Ecommerce-Elite be your companion and let us lead you safely to the youth brand registry and providing you the basis of a secure and safe business.