5 Untold Stretegies You Need To Know For Effective Ppc Advertisment

Searching for a powerful marketing tool that boosts your sales? Pay-Per-Click (PPC) has made the job easier and effective for you.

Having your product noticed by the people is the only way you can have sales, therefore you need to perform some next level marketing that will improve your product’s visibility and show your product on the first page and preferably on the top spot so that the customer most likely buys from you.

In today’s world where most of the traffic is going for online shopping, you can have your online business boosted by using those tricks and converting the people to buy your product with the advanced and modern techniques that would keep your customers landing in your store and keep shopping your products.


Amazon allows you to have your products displayed in the front by charging you a minimal amount for the advertisement that you are going to perform. Market competition will decide your marketing budget, but this marketing is going to be worth it as it can make your sales boost by a major amount, covering your advertisement costs and leaving you a handsome amount of benefit.

Amazon offers Five types of advertisement, and all these four advertisements have been listed and discussed below:

  1. Sponsored Brand Ads
  2. Sponsored Products Ads
  3. Sponsored Display Ads
  4. ASIN targeting Ads
  5. Video Ads

Sponsored Brand Ads :

Available only to the brands that are registered, these ads are displayed in order to promote your products as well as promoting your brand name, which is the prior function of Sponsored Brand Ads. These ads let you promote 3 products in the top space available above the search results.

This might seem to be a complex ads procedure, but you don’t have to worry as we can have this job done for you with perfection!!

Sponsored Product Ads :

These are the ads that you might be familiar with and see on every other product category as they are quite common and come in the search results at usually 3 different places in the first page, each spot paying a specific amount of money to bid for that specific space.

These product sponsored ads are run on different bidding scenarios which include the manual campaigns as well as auto campaigns, with manual campaign further categorized in three different types which are the Exact Match Campaign, Broad Match Campaign and Phrase Match Campaign. Bids are set with the help of a detailed and thorough analysis and the trick is to minimize the spend and optimizing the sales to keep your profit margins fair.

Sponsored Display Ads :

Sponsored display ads are the ones you see just beneath the bullet points of a product. These ads are performed on a purpose to drag the customer to your store whenever they enter your competitor’s online shop.

ASIN Targeting Ads :

Another widely used marketing strategy is to show your product in the storefront of your competitor. This strategy can significantly increase the traffic on your store, offering something better than your competitor and displaying it on their storefront will definitely aid to boost your sales.


Video ads are the best and the most effective way of introducing the key features to your customers which you can mostly see on the first page of any product. The video ads give your brand and product a premium look and boost the customer’s confidence level in your product as well as accelerating your sales. Video ads surely cost a little more, but they are worth it as they help in improving the conversion rate.


As discussed in detail before that every product that is running an ad is paying a specific price for that and every different spot has a different price point for example a person bidding the highest will be put on the priority and a person paying less will be placed accordingly on the respective position.  Finding the best optimum bid that you have to flow in the PPC is the real TASK and the REAL skill that needs to be mastered.


If you are new and launching a product or have already launched a product and finding ways to get it ranked, then have its marketing outsourced and let the experts with years of experience handle it with the advanced and the modern techniques and to let you enjoy stable sales on your online store!!